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Q: Who should participate?

A: Anyone in HSMA who wants a "lower pressure" S&E experience - even beginners!

Q: How, other than age, does this differ from YAC S&E?

A: The purpose of our HSMA S&E is somewhat different. True, we will have an adjudicator provide feedback to the student. But the focus here is not on “ratings”; rather, it is on teaching. Our goal is to get our least experienced players in front of some excellent teachers on their instrument and spend some time with that teacher. We also want to develop in these students the WONDERFUL automatic response: “It’s spring. I should be signed up for S&E!”

Q: Will there be ratings?

A: No. We will have judging sheets that the students will receive on the Monday following the festival, filled out by the adjudicators. But instead of a “I”, “II”, “III”, etc. that we have in the YAC system, each student will receive participation certificate.

Q: What types of events can my student sign up for?

A: We will permit solos and duets, and a few trios/quartets. Really, we want mostly solo events. The goal is for our least experienced students to have one-on-one time with an excellent teacher, to help develop in them good playing technique from the earliest stages of their musical development. No student may participate in more than two events.

Q: The only music my student has ever seen is in his beginning strings book. What should he play?

A: GREAT question! We want the students to play WHATEVER they have prepared. It may be an exercise out of their beginning book. Or, maybe they study privately and their teacher has something for them to prepare. In any event, the goal is for the judge to hear them play SOMETHING, and have an opportunity to work with them.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: sign up HERE