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February 1993 - The Home School Band begins rehearsals with ten charter members. Rehearsals are conducted by Mr. Paul Case, and are held once every two weeks at the First Baptist Church, St Johns, Michigan
September 1993 - First full season begins
May 1994 - First annual Spring Concert
September 1994 - Organization splits into two performing groups; Mr. Case continues with the Band, and Rev. Alf Nelson becomes the first conductor of the Orchestra
June 1995 - First performance at Home School Commencement exercises
September 1995 - First Board of Directors meets, with Mrs. Judy Klein as President; founding parent Mrs. Dusti Dugan, conducts the orchestra
September 1996 - Mrs. Frances Simpson joins the organization as the new conductor of the Orchestra, which begins weekly rehearsals, alternating weeks between St. Johns and Maranatha Baptist Church, Lansing, Michigan
September 1997 - Band begins weekly rehearsals, alternating locations between St. Johns and Lansing; Mr. Patrick O’Donnell joins the organization as co-conductor of the Band
May 1999 - Name changed to Home School Music Association, Inc., (HSMA) as the organization is incorporated as a non-profit, educational corporation

September 1999 - HSMA joins District V of the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association (MSBOA)
February 2000 - First HSMA students perform at Senior High District Solo & Ensemble Festival
March 2000 - First HSMA student performs at State Solo & Ensemble Festival
April 2000 - First HSMA students perform at Junior High District Solo & Ensemble Festival
May 2000 - Beginners Program announced for 2000-2001 season
September 2000 - Junior Orchestra and Concert Band programs added:  Miss Alison Keilen, an HSMA  alumnus, takes on conducting responsibilities for the Junior Orchestra, and Mr. Jim Butler, a parent participant, picks up the baton and helps out in the various Band programs
December 2000 - First true Christmas Concert and first-ever performance by the Junior Orchestra and Concert Band
January 2001 - First uniforms ordered
March 2001 - First appearance by Senior Orchestra and Symphonic Band at MSBOA District V Band & Orchestra Festival
May 2001 - First tour (Senior Orchestra) to metro-Washington, D.C.
September 2001 - Beginning Strings and Cadet Band programs added:  Miss Lauren Cyrus takes over the Junior Orchestra; Mr. Butler is named conductor of Symphonic Band
March 2002 - First performance for ratings at MSBOA District V Band & Orchestra Festival (Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Senior Orchestra)
April 2002 - First appearance by HSMA at MSBOA State Band & Orchestra Festival (Senior Orchestra)
September 2002 - Beginning Band, Intermediate Strings and Chancel Choir programs added; Mr. Del Belcher, a parent participant, comes on board to conduct Cadet Band and Mr. O'Donnell takes on the new Beginning Band; Miss Cyrus becomes Conductor of the Intermediate Strings while Mrs. Jennie Visscher joins HSMA as Conductor of the Junior Orchestra; Mrs. Nancy Sisson, a parent, becomes Conductor of the new Chancel Choir
May 2003 - First HSMA performance at I.N.C.H. Conference (Symphonic Band)
May 2003 - First HSMA student invited to participate in MSBOA All-State Honors Orchestra at Michigan Youth Arts Festival
September 2003 - Concert Choir and Beginning Strings programs added; Mrs. Dugan conducts the Concert Choir, Mrs. Simpson teaches Beginning Strings, and Mr. Scott Davis is named conductor of the Concert Band
September 2004 - Mrs. Dugan is named conductor of the Chancel Choir; Miss Christina Dugan, an alumnus, is brought in to conduct Beginning Strings
September 2004 - HSMA joins the Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA)
March 2005 - First appearance by HSMA at MSVMA District Solo & Ensemble Festival
May 2005 - First HSMA Honors Recital
September 2005 - Mrs. Maryann Hammar, an HSMA parent participant, is named conductor of the Cadet Band
April 2006 - Symphonic Band and Senior Orchestra go on tour to Upper Michigan and Wisconsin
May 2006 - First Artist Circle performance
May 2006 - First HSMA vocalist invited to perform at Michigan Youth Arts Festival
September 2006 - Mrs. Simpson retires after ten years of service; Mrs. Visscher takes over Senior Orchestra, Miss Keilen returns to conduct the Junior Orchestra, Miss Christina Dugan becomes conductor of the Intermediate Strings, and Mrs. Chantelle Frazier (an HSMA parent) is named conductor of Beginning Strings
September 2006 - Elementary Music program added, taught by Mrs. Dugan

September 2008 - Music Fundamentals program added, taught by Mrs. Christina Dugan Blackburn; Mr. Alex Damon, an HSMA alumnus, is named conductor of Concert Band; Mrs. Frazier conducts Beginning Strings and Junior Orchestra, Miss Cyrus conducts Intermediate Strings
April 2013 - co-hosted first band-choral-orchestra festival solely for home school music groups 
June 2013 - Celebrated 20 years as an organization by inviting alumni back to participate in a special 20th Anniversary Concert